Level 1 Belly Dance Session
We recommend beginners to

this introductory 6 week belly dance

session. Learn the basics, like safe

dance posture, isolation, and

graceful arm movements. Be

introduced to Middle Eastern music,

body awareness and begin simple

combinations to learn how to fit moves together. 
Level 2 Belly Dance Session
Moving beyond the basics, you will begin to start layering movements and learn traveling steps. You will be taught how to transition movements smoothly to fun and easy belly dance combinations in this 6 week program.
Level 3 Belly Dance Session
Expand your dance skills in this 6 week belly dance session with more challenging drills and combinations. Improve your ability to remember a dance sequence, learn improvisation, 

                                          fancy footwork, and more! Build good                                              technique and stamina as you work                                                  your way to the belly dance world!
                                          Level 4 Belly Dance Session
                                          Be introduced to a traditional belly                                                  dance prop! In this class, you'll learn                                              flowing veil movements, wraps and                                                  frames. We will pair belly dance movements with some basic veil technique in this 6 week course.

Level 5 Belly Dance Session
Drum on! This 6 week belly dance program will break down an energetic drum solo choreography. You will learn pops and locks, shimmy variations, sharper hip work and isolation. Begin to learn stage-worthy routines and be introduced to good stage presence. 

Level 6 Belly Dance Session
This class will concentrate on turns, class technique and will be much executed on the balls of the feet. Focus on modern belly dance choreography with a more challenging technique. You will be critiqued, work on improvisation skills and focus on perfecting your stage presence. 

*Each level competes in 6 weeks. Classes are held every Monday 5:15pm to 6:15pm.


Southpark Mall
4500 16th Street, Moline IL



Tel: 563-320-1959



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